Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Traveler's Notebook: Daily Journal Flip Through Vol. 1 and 2

Hello there! 
Today, I've finally decided to open up a blog and this is my first post :) 
I am going to flip through my daily journal vol.1 and 2 with you here. 

Firstly, this is my Silver Charm Zinnydori Unicorn in Regular Size. 
The Totoro charms is from HERE. 

This is the inside view of my Zinnydori. 
I slot in a lot of cute sticky notes inside my pockets to use it on the go. 

This is the zipper pouch i used in my Zinnydori. 
I slot in more sticky notes, (you can know that i loveee sticky notes ha!)
washi samples, page flags that my lovely friend, Jill sent it to me. 

Okay! So here's my vol. 1 (left) and vol.2 (right) daily journal. 
I made this traveler's notebook insert on my own. 
I've uploaded a tutorial video HERE

If you want a ready made traveler's notebook insert, 
you can get it from HERE.

Are you ready? ha!
 I am only picking few layouts that i think its pretty and showing it to you here!

I have a full flip through on my YouTube Channel as well. 

Be sure to check it out, don't forget to subscribe, like and leave me some love. 
I hope you enjoy watching the video!

If you have any questions leave me a comment below. Thanks for dropping by!

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